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5 Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

5 Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

People in their 50s and above should start using both legs to exercise for as long as they could. Nowadays, people rely on different kinds of transportation just to get to their destinations no matter how near or far it is. Life has been too convenient that we often forget the things we really need in life. Walking has a lot of benefits, especially for the middle-aged and the elderly. Today, we name five of these benefits in order for you to understand what walking does to your body.

  1. Improves your heartWhen you walk without worries, your risk of getting a heart problem or high blood pressure is reduced. Walking allows you to be calm and to work most of your muscles out. It can also help improve the way you breathe as you walk in distances.
  2. Improves your mental healthWalking opens your eyes to various sceneries each day. Make it a point to challenge yourself or your loved one to walk through a list of places you wish to see daily. You can walk around the park for today, then around the beach the next day. With walking, you can do whatever you want. You can listen to music as you stroll, talk to your companion, or simply appreciate the people around you. You can also bring a friend along. Walking allows you to look at life positively and to think about things in your life that really matters. It also reduces your feelings of anxiety, sadness, or anger.
  3. You just need yourselfWalking does not require you to invest a lot of money for exercise. Just get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals, set aside thirty minutes to an hour for a stroll, and make sure the weather is good enough for a walk. You can select the places where you want to walk. When you choose walking as an exercise, you are your own boss. You just have to lead your feet to the right places at the right time.
  4. Lowers blood sugarA short walk can lower down the spike in your blood sugar, especially after eating a meal. Your body will use up blood sugar to strengthen the muscles. That’s why some people would tell you to get some fresh air first before resting on the sofa every after meal.
  5. Strengthens your legs and bonesWalking improves your bones and muscles. If you’re the type who slouches while walking, you should start walking in the right posture. You might not get it right at first, but with consistent practice, your posture will improve through time. Walking will also tone your legs. Your arms and shoulders will also play their respective roles when you walk. It will not be difficult to bend over or to do physical activities if you start walking every day.

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