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About Us

Home Care Provider in Texas

Advance Help Home Care is a family owned business that was started after experiencing what it was to take care of our 90 years old mother. Mom was once admitted into a Health Care Facility and was somewhat happy, but our family wasn’t because of the substandard care and attention Mom was receiving. The Love and Care that our Mom gave to us were what we expected to be given back to her by our entire family or any Health Care facility. Secondly, our family was stretched throughout the country as well as overseas, and we needed to monitor her care at times and decided to search for any facility that could provide anything of that nature. Unfortunately, no facility could provide such a service, plus the kind of compassionate and quality care we wanted for her. Our family decided to bring her back into our home, and because Mom enjoyed moving around, she agreed to spend about a year or more with any of her children. Our family then decided to incorporate cameras as a comfort, as well as a friendly mechanism so we could see Mom anytime we wanted and also see her activities with the caregivers when we were away and felt the need to see her. It worked out beautifully because the caregivers were also happy that the family could experience quality live-care as they took care of Mom. Caring and Love was absolute for Mom since the entire family, including grand and great grandchildren, were able to see Mom anytime of the day.

Mom was taken from us earlier than we wanted. She is with our Lord and she is missed. We tell this story to let you know that just as Mom was taken care of, that is how we want to take care of your love ones. This is the culture of our agency, and every caregiver and staff member knows that Caring and Loving is embedded in our brand as we prepare to Serve each client, Solve their many needs, Secure their care so love ones can have a peace of mind, and Satisfy each family with the best quality-care to remain at home, and avoid hospitalization or admission to long-term care facilities. We are establishing a strong reputation in providing excellent services to all our clients and are a premier provider of home care in our area.

We continue to improve our Home Care Services in Katy, Texas by only recruiting the best and skillful individuals in our team, and provide extensive training to ensure that our clients will be happy and satisfied with us. In all our services, we always make sure to integrate the core values of integrity, compassion, and reliability.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of seniors at home, promote health and happiness, and give family members peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe as we Serve, Solve, Secure, and Satisfy all their needs.

We will continue to work hard and provide the best care to our clients and strive to become the leading home care provider in the community which we serve.

Services We Provide

Advance Help Home Care Bathing


Your caregiver will assist you with bathing and ensuring your safety during baths.

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Advance Help Home Care Dressing


Assistance with Clothing selection and putting on clothes and shoes...

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Advance Help Home Care Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Helping you prepare healthy and delicious meals at home...

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Advance Help Home Care Feeding and Eating


Providing assistance during meals and maintaining regular eating habits...

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Advance Help Home Care Grooming and Oral Care

Grooming/Oral Care

Observing regular routines for brushing teeth...

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Advance Help Home Care Routine Hair Care

Overnight Stay

Providing overnight stay

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Advance Help Home Care Assistance with Self- Administered Medications

Assistance with Self- Administered Medications

Helping the client comply with their medication therapy...

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Advance Help Home Care Toileting


Assistance with toileting, changing diapers and incontinent care...

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Advance Help Home Care Transfer/Ambulation


Helping the client move around the house...

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Advance Help Home Care Exercise Walking with Client

Exercise/Walking with Client

Accompanying the client when going for walks and exercise...

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Advance Help Home Care Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

Assisting the client with light household chores...

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Advance Help Home Care Laundry


Ensuring that the client has clean clothes to wear everyday...

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Advance Help Home Care Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Keeping the client’s pantry stocked with enough food supplies...

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Advance Help Home Care Companionship


Keeping the client company while family members are away during the day...

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Advance Help Home Care Barber/Beauty Salon Visit

Barber/Beauty Salon Visit

Accompanying the client when visiting the salon or getting a hair cut...

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Advance Help Home Care Errands


Running errands for the client like pick-up dry cleaning or sending out the mail...

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Advance Help Home Care Doctor's visit

Doctor's Visit

Assisting the client when going to the doctor and arranging for transportation...

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